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To always keep in mind that the use will be in a campsite, outdoors and surrounded by caravans that act as insulating screens for the Wi-fi signal inside and that isolate the network devices and you have to add the foliage of the trees. The Wi-fi of a camping will never be like the one of house, that is in interiors and that uses the own walls of the house to be propagated and to give more signal. Wi-fi on-line games will not run as smoothly as wired in a private home, but they will work.

Emsanet and Camping Edén offer all our customers 2 Wi-Fi solutions, each with different qualities.

-Free basic Service: 300Kb / 300Kb.

Using Whatsapp or similar, sending and / or receiving email, uploading web pages is now possible for free.

-PREMIUM Service: 4Mb / 1Mb

Extended service: With the PREMIUM service you can enjoy better navigation, you can use Facebook and Tweeter, view multimedia content such as YouTube, movies and TV, always in a standard definition (not HD or 4k).

1 consecutive hour: € 2.00
1 day (24 consecutive hours): € 5.00
7 consecutive days: € 15.00
30 consecutive days: € 27.00
60 consecutive days: € 50.00
500 cumulative minutes (to be enjoyed in a maximum of 3 months): € 10.00

Each user code, both for the basic service and for the PREMIUM, is designed to be used by only one device at a time; however, you can use it on different devices disconnecting from the last used one.

It is mandatory to sign a responsible use sheet, so they will only be issued to adults.

Responsible for the service: Emsanet Maestrat S.L. / Tel. +34 964 785 125

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